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Communications Go Mobile

Communications are now firmly focused on the mobile channel whether this is voice, sms, mms, instant messaging or e-mail. The mobile channel is changing the way that consumers and businesses interact with the world around them.

Switchfire pioneers the development of technical systems for the mobile users everywhere. Clients, businesses and consumers expect the mobile device to be able to do everything that conventional computers do however; they want it to be robust, secure and accessible.

Given these imperatives Switchfire has focused its efforts on the user experience designing systems that are simple, flexible and powerful to use. For marketers traditional e-mail and voice marketing channels are losing their effectiveness whereas basic sms, common to every mobile device, is achieving unparalleled conversion rates and on a global scale.

Switchfire has developed systems that give marketers total control over their communications channels focusing on the mobile device/pad thereby providing unprecedented value added features extending reach, engagement and loyalty with the growing mobile world.