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Users Go Online With Mobile

The company is at the forefront of the development of technologies focused on mobile devices and the platforms that link those devices. As consumer expectations become ever more demanding the opportunities for growth have never been greater.

In many markets consumers now spend more time on their smart phones and pads compared with traditional pcs. The mobile device is now effectively the medium for entertainment, mobile commerce, communication and logistics’ management.

A recent study by comScore in the USA estimated that smartphones and tablets accounted for 51% of American adult’s time online in April 2013. The knock on effect has had an extremely positive effect on mobile sales growing 24% year on year in Q2 2013, outpacing the 16% growth for e-commerce sales during the quarter with Mobile commerce accounting 8.6% of total US e-commerce sales. These statistics are mirrored in established and emerging markets.

As a result of its powerful proprietary technologies the company is well placed to take advantage of the increasing penetration of mobile devices in all facets of society including communications systems, m-commerce solutions and entertainment.

Corresponding with its development of core systems the company has also become a pioneer of digital advertising technologies for its domestic and growing international client base who seek to reach and engage its ever increasing mobile audience. As this channel expands new opportunities will appear for which the company is extremely well placed to fulfil.