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Mobile Advertising Opportunities

Over the next five years total global mobile advertising will grow over 300 percent from about $13 billion today to just under $40 billion, Juniper Research says in a new report. This projection may prove to be highly conservative considering the jump in reported mobile advertising revenue in the last 6 months as demonstrated by companies such as Twitter and Facebook.

In the 12 months ending July 2013, Facebook went from almost no mobile revenue to a massive 41 percent of its revenue coming from mobile ads and a few days ago a report from ‘The Search Agency’ says that a full third of Google’s paid clicks are now on mobile devices.

Twitter has hardly begun its mobile monetisation efforts, to say nothing of Tumblr, Yahoo, and a plethora of companies in the SME content services segment. Google has already included mobile in Enhanced Campaigns and Facebook is adding video to mobile ads – the next great revenue generator!

Considering this unprecedented growth Switchfire is in an enviable position as a major developer of technical systems, focused on mobile devices, and also a leading supplier of digital advertising technology and services. As the company forges ahead in new markets it is able to use its accumulated experience to generate an increasing revenue stream for clients and its own direct services.