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Mobile Marketing Solutions

Many marketers say their mobile efforts are separated – effectively cut off from other marketing efforts. Campaigns are hit-or-miss affairs lacking coordination with other strategies. Worse, measurement is difficult and return on investment difficult to assess. If you want to reach customers wherever they are, then you have to communicate to them through the one thing they never leave home without: their mobile devices.

• Gain customer insight into who is using which devices and how, with deep mobile interaction analytics at both the aggregate and individual levels
• Facilitates and coordinates offers and messages to the most receptive segments and individuals
• Combine real-time contact with mobile’s geo-location capabilities to target customers with appropriate, timely offers and opportunities
• Achieve some of the highest conversion rates of any existing channel

Marketers are getting the message – and achieving results beyond expectation. It is easy to understand why. Not only are mobile devices popular and packed with an ever-growing array of applications, their built-in GPS technology makes them ideal for location-aware promotions and location-based targeting.